Thursday, 21 June 2007

Sometimes the first mark you make is the best.

I mentioned earlier that there was something to be said for inconvenient persistence

Thinking again about this just now I think the idea needs to be extended.

Rapid sketches, drawing from the gut rather than the brain - with a pen and no rubber is a good way to find your way - develop confidence. Find a style. Make honest drawings.

Blogs have the potential to generate a lot of overworked, ideas. Everything is reeditable at any day or time. If I post this blog NOW, I can still set the date of posting to indicate I wrote it on 3rd February 1997. And who knows how many times I've come back to this posting and updated it....I might have been reworking it over the past week! Since I'm primarily writing for myself, I'm only fooling myself and I'm trying very hard to just write, bad spelling, poorly structured sentences but it's surprising how tempting it is to go back and fiddle. An old fashioned diary and a nice inky fountain pen would make this almost impossible.

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