Sunday, 3 June 2007

inconvenient persistence

Just had a convesation that reminded me of another reason why blogging, (even when it's incredibly easy to do anywhere and anytime with a mobile phone), and other digital technologies can't always satisfy my reflective practice needs. It's to do with the fact that they are so flexible and virtual and .....

I write a lot on my arm. This is not only because it's nice and quick. Writing on my arm is writing that won't go away, it just sits there, scrawled, flashing around whenever I do something..inconveniently, annoyingly impossible to remove. Post-its are similar although slightly more loseable.

There's no way I ever forget to transfer these ideas to somewhere else - my paper, a blog, the margins of another paper I've been reading and thinking about.

Digital notes are so easily stored and then forgotten. They're just way to convenient. They support my best but also my worst habits.

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