Saturday, 23 June 2007

Creating structure...

In a previous post I worried about the artificiality of generating structure out of my work experiences when writing about them in my paper. If they're complex and messy, aren't I lying to myself and everyone if I give them order?

Well, I'm starting to recognise, thanks to an article on reflective practice and stories, that this is something we are constantly doing with our lives. We are creating meaning where, in reality there's very little to go on, because if we lived by chaos theory we'd fall apart pretty quickly! We create these structures in order to live and make sense of our worlds, the many roles and streams that we live in. That's really all I'm doing. Trying to present my own experiences in some kind of meaningful way so that I can continue to explore and build. And I have to admit - it does help. I think the most important thing though is to tread the line between total fabrication and utter chaos, and to flop comfortably onto the safe side!

Taking responsibility for our stories: in reflective practice, action learning, and socratic dialogue

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