Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Facilitation: Direction? or Nurturing?

In general, the feminine way is to feel oneself to be intimately a part of the surrounding world, and to regard power not as "power over" someone, but as a quality innate in each individual, available for creative purposes, potentially in limitless supply. It is quite alien to the feminine side to try to control and dominate the universe, or to be obsessed with demonstrating "power over nature."

The feminine way is to view leadership as facilitation and nurturing, rather than control or direction. Its approach to work and life tends to be more process-oriented than product-oriented; in relating to others it starts from a position of parity, assuming the other to be an equal.

The feminine way is more co-operative than competitive; it involves trust in intuition, and thinking that is holistic, multivariant and multidimensional. Most importantly, "knowing" tends to be a relational thing, an ongoing process between an individual and other persons, nature, a "higher Self" - instead of a process of intellectual abstraction.

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