Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Following on from yesterday i taught a couple of classes of Lawyers today...

They were definitely better at leaving the computers along until I'd explained how things worked...so

I wonder if you can tell the way a class will act from the kind of department they come from...wouldn't academics in law prefer listening, theory, linguists perhaps prefer telling, architects prefer hands-on? hugely stereotypical of course...but it's a fasiohable thought right now!

But then..I was quite explicit that they should watch me first, otherwise they'd miss out. Who can tell?

"Recent psychology research suggests that people who work in science and arts think in a different way. So what is it that drives people to become scientists or artists, and is it innate? "


It doesn't seem like such a new idea to me......

When I talk to my bro about maths and his way of thinking, he definitely approaches things in a different way to me. But is that because that's how we're taught to think? Or is it because it helps to think that way?

AT the end of the day

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