Friday, 18 May 2007

"guide on the side and all that"....

Constructivism is all the rage - but it still suggests a teacher who knows more than the students doesn't it?  Suggests there's someone facilitating, someonce involved in "guidance" which is pretty close to "leading" or what I mentioned before...shepherding.  What kind of teaching, learning relationship is there when it's a real collaboration.  One-to-one.  The student teaches and the teacher is the student.  The only difference is the  student is there to develop what they want to develop, because they're the client, and the instructor is the servant, and is there as the sounding board, as the sponge, the mentor, but not a mentor who's wiser, necessarily.  What is this approach?  Because I'm starting to think that I don't know anything more than I did when I was a child.  and sometimes I wish my child self could come and talk some sense into my adult self!  I used to see things as they were when I was a kid.  I knew how I wished school would be and I'm starting to wonder if I wasn't right all along!  And if so I should definitely be listening to my students more than I should be telling them what to do!

I've noticed this with the students who are coming in to help us at the moment.  That they seem to know as much, and more than me.  And I often listen to them and think "wow, you're smart, you shouldn't be asking me!" and then I start to realise that the only difference between us is that they just lack confidence.

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