Thursday, 17 May 2007

Student Training Debrief

I had a go at using deBono's red hats for this - I have to say, that little bit of structure and the time limit are amazing for forcing you to FOCUS! Something I should do more often...

the results are short and sweet but I think get to the point:

Focus: Debrief of training session

Mode: Individual

Date :17/05/2007

Name Celine

Hat sequence used

Yellow Hat
01:04 mins
Search for benefits and values

Black Hat
01:42 mins
Identify the difficulties and dangers.

Yellow Hat

I was well prepared

I managed to learn all the student's names

I was awake and enthusiastic

We managed to get through all the essential things we needed to cover

I kept the intro nice and fast so the students could get to the hands-on fairly quickly

I tried a few new interactive techniques - they seemed to work!

Black Hat

I think I was a bit flat at the start - partly to do with nerves...

I got a bit frustrated with one of the students who didn't "get" it and often didn't listen to my instructions - I think I made him feel more nervous. I need to find ways to communicate ideas in different ways. In particular in this session
I should have explained concepts ahead of
time so students who preferred to see the whole journey before beginning the individual steps

I didn't remember the logins

I should have shown them an example of a map before they started designing their own.

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David Andrew said...

I think it is a shame you ended in the black hat - with these sorts of exercises I think it is not just the experiences of different states/perceptions but also the effect of the order and where you leave - why not leave with positive thoughts. Do you know the Disney model? If not lets talk next week.