Monday, 14 May 2007

My first training session in second life....

Pretty impressive numbers - all interested in knowing more about how to teach in second life. SL training, it turns out, is very similar to RL training. Except there are some nifty techniques you need to learn in order to communicate using chat - ways to answer questions, so that attendees know who's question you're answering...ways to deal with off-subject questions..

It was interesting to hear how the instructor had experimented with lots of different approaches and had come up with new ways of training...ways which sounded to me like they would work just as well the "no-concept" training session!

In general it seemed quite familiar - we had a sweet and very professional trainer. We were sitting down for the whole session..I got itchy feet half way through...I felt a little apologetic when I got up to have a stretch (virtually that is). There was a guy that sat in front of me for a bit, so I found I had to move...perhaps just a little more casual - one attendee chose to arrive naked

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