Sunday, 13 May 2007

Have I "got it"? What does "getting it" mean?

I read an account of really good, reflective thinking. It was about thinking about thinking and then thinking about thinking about thinking. But the most important bit was that this was taking place during an ACTIVITY when the activity wasn't "now it's time to reflect". It was not separate from...

I am starting to think about thinking. I'm starting to think about other people's thinking. I see the value of it, how it has helped me progress. I often write in my journal. I am mindful of my thinking.

"Explicity" thinking, takes time and effort. If I don't do it "explicitly", I'm still worried that it won't happen at all. I'm not at a point when it just happens all the time, while I'm doing things, without "trying". I'm still having to work at it. I'm just not sure how well that's going to happen when I'm not thinking to myself "I'm on the LTP course, I must remember to think, it's what I'm "meant" to do". At the moment the course is still part of the motivation. I suppose it would be called "strategic". At what point can I be sure that all this thinking is something I see as core to my life and my practice, outside of LTP?

Maybe it's a matter of time. Habits take a while to embed. Maybe it's going to take another holiday for it to become part of my everyday world.

But thinking about it - it's not like I haven't already mastered this technique. it's not like I don't have the skills required to do this. When it comes to my location-based technology interests - I think I'm always in the back of my mind thinking about it. Everything I do, I hear, instantly get's passed through my "what does this mean for learning, how does this alter or amend what I already know about location-based learning?". And every project I do outside of work, is based on my belief that embodied learning, outdoor learning, makes great learning, exploring and refining in order to be constantly improving theory and practice. So I've mastered the technique in one area - at home, it's just about finding a way to master it at work!

If improving my learning and teaching practice is also, truly, a passion, (and I suppose time will tell), then I think reflective practice will become habit. Implicit. One approach I'm toying with is trying to find a better way to integrate my location-based interests, (which interestingly, are all about helping learners to see the outdoor world as a place to reflect and learn), with my own teaching and learning practice at work. Could I put the two blogs together? There's a gap but where do the two meet? In my love of learning and helping others enjoy learning.

I'm working on it.

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