Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bring it together: Reflection in non-educational games

An interesting conversation from the Serious Games List-serv:

"Thanks KellyAnn, Yolanda,

I'm not convinced it's incidental or accidental educational outcomes of
non educational experiences that I'm talking about: its more about where
reflective opportunities exist in the game-playing experience. I’m
probably not explaining this well but to draw a parallel:

You might ask when does a person learning to drive a car reflect on their
learning experience: is it while they are driving (reflection-in-action),
after they are driving (reflection-on-action), does it require an
instructor to help them reflect, does it help to watch someone else
drive... etc.

So when does a person learning to play a game reflect on their learning
experience with the game: while they are playing, after they stop playing,
in the playground talking with their friends, watching someone else play,
reading the manual when they get stuck…

I’m guessing the answer is no there isn’t any research on that, but that’s
helpful to know too…



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