Tuesday, 20 March 2007

My first formative assessment

I've handed in my first formative assessment essay, so there's no going back. However reading it again I can already see where I may not have really got to the crux of the matter, or fallen shy or certain points.

for a start - at no point do I question the value of WebLearn. I suggest that staff should use it, that I should motivate them to use it, but I don't really explore all reasons why they may be reluctant to use it. This can go beyond a lack of confidence or idea of the benefits of the tool. Lecturers may recognise the difficulties experienced by students without good PC skills, connections to the internet, might realise students don't get the kind of support they need from the university to feel confident to use WebLearn. If I am going to be so positive about it, I need to also acknowledge the issues of WebLearn. On top of this I have my own serious reservations about the tool! I didn't mention any this and I should have.

That said, our VLE's going to become mandatory. At the end of the day there's nothing better out there. So if you have to use something, and it's going to be that then you might as well help lecturers see the positive side?

I should also take my team into account. It's all very well thinking I can change the way I do everything but that doesn't mean I can, I need the support of everyone else, we need to train in a consistent way!

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