Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Buzz Groups

I ran my first buzz group! The biggest break through for me was that I tried it, that people seemingly enjoyed it, that I enjoyed it and that it was received positively. I have a lot to work on too - especially white board writing - doing so clearly, in the right colour pen, not standing with my back to the group. And something which is especially difficult - making sure the buzz groups are REVELANT. Nice to include interaction but only if it's valuable. And that's the challenge when you have to training people with widely varying experience of a technology. I was surprised at how long it took - explaining what's to be done, took longer than I expected, there was enormous amounts of feedback and discussion after the original feedback - about 15 mins worth. Stopping the discussions is a tough one - how do you do that without screaming and hopping up and down?!!! It was very helpful but I'm still not sure how to ensure my buzz groups are really useful.

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