Sunday, 3 June 2007

In my experience - reasons why I need to make more effort to understand my learners and my learners' learners.

  1. Motivate staff - change can’t take place if staff don't see the value of a project or approach
  2. Communicate at the right level – need to understand where staff are starting from in terms of confidence, understanding, approach to learning, approach to my training etc. etc.
  3. Recognise hurdles - Original understandings of learning technology can effect the way staff engage with technology - may involve assumptions, misconceptions.
  4. Develop mutual respect, recognise challenges - there is a sense that Learning Techs are being introduced for money and time-saving purposes, have nothing to do with improving staff or student experiences. Just something imposed form the top down. If we can acknowledge the challenges that staff and students face, and talk about value in a balanced way, show we understand and care about their challenges, will create better environment in which to learn.
  5. If I understand what students really want from university, how they are living their lives, how their worlds are changing, then I can talk with far greater credibility, about how technology might support staff in connecting with students.
  6. Support transfer - understanding context can help us recognise differences in discipline, epistemology, show technology as something that can be sensitive and flexible, able to perform in a variety of situations specific to individuals.
any raise on 6?....this is my last call.....

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