Sunday, 3 June 2007

Conversation with RM about ID and adoption of LTs

Always starts with basic content - students like to have access to that.

Thinks about other resources students will need.

Limit to what can be done in-class so considers how LT might augment or reinforce their experiences.

Important to encourage students to visit resources.

Extra allows for personalisation, to offer bigger picture, to broaden student horizons.

Decision to use google spreadsheets; problem with collaborating on data in spreadsheets. students are slow to get the data onto their own spreadsheet, needs to be collated somehow. Allows for a collective pool. Was a case of - here's my problem, what's the solution.

Multivalency (interesting word to use - multivalent - pedagogic (having various meaning or values), multivalent - in chemistry = polyvalent, in genetics Having several sites of attachment for an antibody or antigen), delivery of materials in as many different ways as possible. As accessible as possible, from as many different angles as posible.

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