Tuesday, 5 June 2007

"neither hand or mind alone suffice; the tools and devices they employ finally shape them". (Francis Bacon)

It sounds simple..I thought it might have something to do with just "doing" stuff, but I realise now it is probably a pretty vital link between my fascination with location-based, situated experiences, and my practice at the universiyt.

Location-based experiences emphasise the importance of the physical world, and our relationship to it, in creating meaning.

"An activity is composed of a subject, and an object, mediated by a tool. A subject is a person or a group engaged in an activity. An object ( in the sense of "objective") is held by the subject and motivates activity, giving it a specific direction. The mediation can occur through the use of many different types of tools, material tools as well as mental tools, including culture, ways of thinking and language." Vygotsky


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