Monday, 7 May 2007

How do I see myself?

For me, being a Learning Technologist is about creating inspired, enhanced learning experiences, communicating ideas, variety but above all, steering teaching and learning, improving things, sharing a vision. I think I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to pedagogy, although maybe not always able to tie it to accepted theories. Someone who knows about all the tools, and an eye on the future, a futurist although that sounds a bit too grand. Very much involved in change. Facilitating change in some way based on teaching and learning. Maybe working alongside or actually some who is a strategist who looks at the world and what people, what students need to act and live in that world and looks at all the theories and methods and tools and says…we need to start using this and this in order to move in this direction.

I think my role should be practical but def based on theory….i’ts sending time, developing relationships, creating aHa. Enabling. Strategic involvement – not just training for now but also for the future. It’s about research and inspiration and guiding staff towards better things, improving things.

I don't see myself as a support officer, a trainer a technologist. I see myself as an architect, a pilot, a steer, a guide.

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