Saturday, 3 March 2007

...this idea hits a chord!!!

by Gerrit Visser (

My Finnish friend Teemu Arina (Dicole Ltd.) gave on at the world's largest eLearning conference Online Educa Berlin 2006 (Nov. 29 - December 1) a landmark presentation. Teemu hammered on 'the importance of informal learning through reflective practice' inside all knowledge intensive organizations for adopting dynamic business processes to constantly shifting market conditions.

It certainly is a masterpiece about the meaning of reflection in relation to organizations and how social software could help people cope with all the changes. Teemu states that in education, the worst thing we can do is to hang on in best practices. Reflection creates future practices, while best practices are just past practices !!

Now this feels right to me...that basic rules for something as complex as teaching and learning should always be taken with a pinch of salt...there's no magical formula.

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