Sunday, 16 September 2012

ICT - the key? or the prison?

‘Informational Capabilities’- The Missing Link for the Impact of ICT on development
I can see myself returning to this text again and again. Doesn't give me all the answers but seems to ask the right questions.

I am reminded that even in this country, an education won't necessarily help you change your situation in life. 

It also makes me look afresh at all the generous but at times misguided help I've received myself as a disabled person.

My criticism would be that it looks at ICT projects essentially as an asset that lands in users' laps (e.g. providing users with technology/training etc). Assets that can and should be embedded, but that without additional scaffolding, only change on a superficial level. However I can imagine a situation where ICT might be brought in to solve a specific issue as part of an existing process, simply to speed that process. The same methods of evaluation would still apply but many of the complexities of ICT4D are surely no longer there - as long as whatever is introduced is sustainable.

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