Friday, 6 July 2007

Text Mapping

Sandra H introduced me to this textmapping technique and I think it's brilliant! I realise it's want I tend to do in my head but it takes about 5 readings to achieve......this would be an amazing way to speed up the process - I also wonder if there's a digital tool out there that might do something similiar..

It reminds me of embodied learning too _ i forget the guys name but it's about embodied understanding and looking at things from different perspectives - wonder if it would be possible to do this with, for instance, this blog and thoughts in general because sometimes I think the web can force you to approach the way you do things froma single angle. E.g. try to summarise an idea in three words, try to sumarise from someone else's perspective (might be even an inanimate object..), summarise as a drawing. I could really get into this.

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