Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Something real

I loved listening to Jay Cross.

I think we should start generating these kinds of videos at the university. Videos of real lecturers delivering real lectures, resolving or struggling with real issues. To inspire us and to raise awareness. I'm hoping that if I watch the video enough times, something of his approach will filter into my own practice....but maybe that's wishful thinking, but at the very least, I think it will make me more mindful, and reinforce what I'm aiming for!

The bit with the clouds is where it really gets good.


I mean - i think I have probably had these conversations, with friends, with people I feel confident just chatting to. So some of the secret is just having the confidence to talk - in front of however many people.

It's also about knowing what the good questions are. And then having an opinion. And some of that might be to do with having a clear understanding, fundementally, of what you think works and what doesn't work. Knowing your area deeply, probably helps here. There's no doubt that he's an expert.

It's about being able to respond to audience's replies in a way that developers the conversation.

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