Saturday, 30 June 2007

ideal 2

At university, disciplines tend to be sectioned off. Our VLE reinforces this walled approach. I am increasingly noticing the cross-overs between the different fields and that many interesting ideas are generated by mashing up a variety of perspectives not necessarily focussing on leading thoughts or thought leaders.

It's accepted that you can come at Educational theory from the perspective of psychology, sociology, epistemology...but I've found you can learn a lot looking at it from the perspective of IT, linguistics, african sculpture, british columbian history, 20th century literature......Searching on google reinforces this approach. When you search on "education" it doesn't (at the moment) place too much emphasis on the context in which you're searching. It brings up any journal, article, news item that it finds with a reference. And so you get an extremely multi-facted view. Problem is, it can be hard knowing where the most valuable links are. Some way to map the many different links and ways in to a discipline would be fascinating and highly valuable. And of course different people like to come at things from different angles. I'd love to have access to the multiple angles from which a variety of experts come at a problem, idea, model, theory. A little sneak preview of how their brain is making connections......

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