Saturday, 2 June 2007

Goal definition.

Without a clear definition of my goals, what can I do to define them for myself, within the context of the university?

In my mind, this is the most standard way that goals are distributed throughout a large organisation, but I'd like to think about alternatives...

As a service-driven organisation, wouldn't we be want our goals to be explicitly driven by the needs of our paying clients? And then why not let the staff have a direct input, taking advantage of their close relationship with clients, and their direct experiences, and finally just do a consolidation at the top. Our eLearning strategy is being developed more closely in line with this model - although I'm not sure how much input students have had.

This sketch helped me understand how I actually approach my role.

Although I feel an obligation to fulfill the expectations of the university – I feel a strong allegiance to staff and students and this influences the way I perceive and carry out my responsiblities.

In reality, I have a feeling the things I do are a compromise between what I think is important as an individual, what the university as a whole thinks is important for me to be doing, and the needs/desires/goals of staff. Although I don't know much about students - I'm trying to learn more, and as I do that, I think that will also influence the way I approach my role.

""it is only when schooling operates in a way that connects students relationally in a relevant, engaging, and worthwhile experience that substantiail learning will occur".

students should be "active particpants intheir own education"

"Educational change, above all, is a people-related phenomenon for each and every individual"

All from Fuller...

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