Sunday, 27 May 2007

Is this cool?

IBM have created a "formal" and "internal" version of facebook.  Is this cool?  I'm not sure.....

My university have set up a blogging server.  I'm not interested in using it.  What I love about my blog here is that it is independent and accessible by anyone anywhere.  This is my brand, my voice.  Not theirs.  If I was paid to blog for work, or to add my details to a work-style facebook....well that would be a different matter!  I don't see an incentive right now.

IBM hope that users will keep a note of all their skills - so a skills database....we tried something similar at Marsh once.  Didn't work because no one wanted to own up to skills  they had which would just lead to more work but not more pay - for example if you knew how to edit a page on the intranet - you got loads of calls asking you to do it - and the enjoyment people felt at feeling "needed" quickly wore off as they ran out of time to do their everyday job.

If it helps employees who's talents are not recognised to become "recognised" and if this supports employment mobility, it could be a good thing - I'm curious to know more.

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