Saturday, 19 May 2007

DotSUB. The perfect tool for transcribing videos!

I videoed one of my training sessions so I could look back myself and see if there were things I or my observer had missed.

My one concern was how to make the video more meaningful later on. Cutting up is fine (although very time consuming). I could stick it into powerpoint to annotate but I'd need to cut up the video into really small pieces.

DotSUB is perfect. Actually a film translation tool but allows me to annotate the video in real-time and give sub-titles. Perfect for real-time reflection. (Also really great for making video accessible to students with hearing impairments!).

This section shows how the sound of the projector is making it really hard for everyone to hear! Either I speak up - or I find a way to turn it off when we're not using it!

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