Sunday, 27 May 2007

Do you love it or hate it?

Lecturers at the uni have widely differing attitudes to Wikipedia.  Some encourage students to use it.  Others remove marks if students reference it!  Very confusing for the students.

At the moment I'm with the promoters - as long as it comes with the usual warning about reliability.  I think it's a powerful point to accept - that no information is ever irrefutable, 100% waterproof.  But I'm interested to hear more from the other side.

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David Andrew said...

I think one issue which is often hidden behind other concerns is one of level - much on wikipedia (not all and it depends on the area) is not academic material which makes it unsuitable for inclusion in essays and other academic work. I often advise students to treat it as an initial source of ideas, build on it but not use it as a reference. Wikipedia is often compared to Encyclopaedia Britannia, and in this I think they are comparable in that they don't demonstrate subject specific academic analysis and therefore should not be referenced.