Sunday, 20 May 2007

Adding more structure to my blog

From now on I will be adding 2 questions to the bottom of every blog:

"why do I blog this"?

"what significance does this have to my practice"

so here goes...

"Why do I blog this"?

Because I've noticed that my blog postings sometimes lack focus and very often there I don't seem to spend the time tying my thoughts back to my practice

"what signficance does this have to my practice?"

I'm hoping that this will encourage me to get into good reflective habits, with a focus on improving my practice rather than reflecting on the world in general.

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David Andrew said...

I like it - I could see this being used as a structure in a blog so that the two text boxes come up automatically when you click submit!

Downes said...

I hope you'll feel free to add posts where the answers to the questions are 'no reason' and 'none'.